"A good book holds magic within its pages".

~ Rhylee Davidson


A Little Bit About Me

The idea for The Tarot Series came not only out of my love for Tarot, but it also helped me work through one of the toughest times in my life. Around the age of forty, I found myself alone with my son, in the middle of a nasty divorce, without a job, and had no idea what life held in store for us or how to even get started figuring it out. I felt weak and useless. Not good enough. A complete and utter failure. After six weeks of walking around in a fog, crying, feeling dazed and confused, I decided it was time to pick myself up, dust myself off, put my messy house and empty refrigerator back together and take that first step forward. It was time to get my shit together if not for me, for my son’s sake. I wanted him to see that no matter how bad life gets, you’re never too old, too young, too down, or too broken to come out the other side better and stronger than before. I spent many a night pacing, smoking and repeatedly saying, “what am I going to do?” I formulated a plan that included going back to college and finishing the degree I had abandoned in my twenties.

Of course, at my age this was both scary and exciting at the same time. I was never the academic type, but to my surprise, I found that I loved school and couldn’t get enough. I guess age really does have its benefits. I was now an accounting major, had always been a math freak, but found that I had a knack for writing. In one year, taking eighteen to twenty-four credits a semester, (including going all summer long), I received my degree. It was something I could be proud of and hoped my son would be as well. There’s a lot more to this story, but that’s for another time.

While dealing with years of sleepless nights, I decided to pick up my laptop and start writing. Women are famous for giving themselves over to being the caregivers of everyone. We go from being daughters and sisters, to mothers and wives. We seem to be the ones who readily change our career choices, friends, education and everything that makes us who we are for others. Katrina is no mirror image of me, but I wanted to portray a young woman who didn’t recognize her strength, made herself into what everyone else wanted her to be, had been through heartache and one day realized she didn’t really like or know who she was anymore. I also wanted to show her journey to find her strength. This series is dedicated to all of those girls and women out there who find themselves feeling the same way Katrina does. Just know, it’s never too soon or too late to find yourself. Don’t be afraid of what others say or think of you. Go out there and just be you. You’re worth it!